UVIX Activities



Uvix Menstrual hygiene campaign is a year-round campaign by UVIX to create awareness on menstrual hygiene and menstrual health for young girls in various institutions and locations in Ghana with the right education and awareness that the average young girl is not equipped with before their cycle begins.

The menstrual health campaign will tour underprivileged communities to reach girls who perceive menstruation as some form of abomination or unhealthy. Uvix will create an opportunity for the girls to share their fears and questions with resource personnel who will feed them with the right information.

After equipping the girls with the education, UVIX, through its 5 for Pad campaign will donate some menstrual pads to support the girls and the proper way to fix a pad.

The campaign will run the entire year, with donations made after every two months when enough money and resources have been accumulated to support young girls with Sanitary pads.