UVIX Activities,Blog-category Exciting! Men Learning About Breast Cancer During Fantasy Jam

Exciting! Men Learning About Breast Cancer During Fantasy Jam

Uvix, as part of its core mandates, reached out to football lovers at the Oneplay Fantasy Jam inside Odorkor the Wells Pub. To reduce the fear of Breast cancer, a Nurse from Uvix had a question and answers time with the fans of Liverpool, Manchester City, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and all football lovers present.

During the live viewing of the games, fans were introduced to Uvix by Project Coordinator Tinalove Nayram. She also introduced Uvix October Campaign, Touch My Breast, she later introduced Uvix Nurse on site and each had their chance to ask all the questions about the Touch My Breast Campaign.

Uvix nurse, Phyllis Horlali Morti, a certified General Nurse brought education and awareness about Breast Cancer in men. While some were surprised about it, others were genuinely interested in knowing about the causes of breast cancer in men. Also, the topic of breastfeeding or breast sucking as a preventive method was raised. The Nurse explained to the guys how breastfeeding and not breast-sucking could help.

The now-informed football lovers also donated money to support Uvix in their future outreaches. At Uvix, crowd-funding is used to fund all outreaches that help reduce the fear that comes with any health condition. Uvix raised GHS 180 from attendees for its 5 for pad campaign.

Donors names are published on our website: uvixtree.org and we encourage others to support us by visiting the website to donate.

The project Lead from Uvix, Tilly Akua Nipaa commented that:

“To me, it was interesting to see men learning about a sensitive subject like Breast Cancer. Mostly, the term breast cancer is associated with women which is why I enjoyed the event. Even though Uvix is dedicated to reducing the fear of health conditions among women, since breast cancer affects men, it was only right we shared the knowledge.”

Uvix is expecting to reach more people with the platform to reduce the fear and to support young girls who can’t access it.


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