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Touch My Breast is Here to Reduce The Fear of Breast Cancer

The month of October is celebrated worldwide as the month dedicated to create awareness and drive education about breast cancer. Across the globe, Pink October is marked on every calendar, Uvix, a health platform dedicated to reduce the fear attached to health conditions amongst female, also has October boldly highlighted on its calendar.

Regards to the core mandate of Uvix; reducing fear, Uvix officially announces its campaign for the month of October dubbed “Touch My Breast Campaign”. This campaign is to reduce the fear that is associated with the words “Breast cancer” by using people and things young girls like and are passionate about.

The touch my breast campaign will officially launch on Oneplay Africa TV play-out on Saturday, 1st October, 2022 on Lifestyle TV. The social media handles of Uvix, @uvixtree, will also run the campaign concurrently. Daily activities in the month of October as part of the Touch My Breast Campaign will have the utmost aim; Reducing the fear.

The project lead of the campaign Tilly Akua Nipaa Commented that:

“Most young ladies like myself shy away from anything associated with breast Cancer. For most of us, its the fear that drives us away, ignorance is bliss, we would rather not know more about it than to dive into it and start to worry about nothing.

However, knowledge is power and Uvix breaches the gap by bringing the knowledge without the usual fear attached to it. Touch my breast is here to reduce the fear of breast cancer.”

The project Manager, Tinalove Nayram also added that:

“The breast is an essential part of the female body, the breast makes you feel confident, breast makes you stand out and breast makes you feel like a real woman. In the month of October, all we want to encourage young ladies to be confident in themselves, learn about their breast without fear. We will create exciting and engaging content that every young person will like.”

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