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Five Facts You Need To Know About UVIX

As a platform dedicated to the well-being and health of ladies. Here are five facts about UVIX

  1. The word Uvix is a combination of the words Uterus and Cervix, organs found in Females. Whereas these organs influenced the naming of the platform, the entire platform is not dedicated to just the reproduction system of women, but to any and all health issues that concern women.
  1. UVIX’s target Audience is all females. Irrespective of age, location, and social status. Young girls in schools, Working class ladies, irrespective of their backgrounds will have access to the right information on UVIX. Those that can not access our information will have UVIX at their doorsteps through our outreach activities.

3. It is a community. UVIX is not just a platform to supply the right information, UVIX is also a community of women around the world with different backgrounds who are concerned about their health and wellbeing. All over the world ladies will have the opportunity to engage with a community that shares the same interests and build a family that supports one another.

  1. UVIX campaigns. UVIX as part of its outreach activities will run various campaigns in the various regions of Ghana. The campaign will educate and create awareness for those who need it. 
  1. UVIX has charitable CSR. Apart from education and awareness, Uvix’s Donation tab is always open to receive funds to help buy necessary products and transport resources personnel to various locations for donation and our activities.

Now you know, Join our Community now!

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